• Kayrock Screenprinting

    January 9, 2016. Hey all! I almost never update my News page, but since I was doing some other updates today, thought I'd link to the screenprinting I've been at for about 6 months now. Currently working as the Office Manager at Kayrock Screenprinting in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

  • Luckybird

    Assistant to the Owner and Operations Manager here as of November 2014: Luckybird

  • Such a long time | 06-16-2014

    After a prolonged hiatus, I am back to making (and posting) works. A few snapshots added to my blog

    I'm a bit better at adding sketchbook shots to instagram (@marynasko)

  • 2-3-2013

    I have recently been making some small, experimental drawings/paintings: www.marynasko.blogspot.com

  • Updates in all areas of portfolio

    I've been making a good amount of work lately and in all different mediums-- each area of my portfolio has at least one new piece added in the last month. Take a look!
    If you'd like to see more photos (especially of fiber pieces) please visit my blog at marynasko.blogspot.com

    Also, the PaperStream blog project continues to move forward... in addition to a few of my pieces that are not on this website you can also see work done by three of my very good friends: Nicole Adsit, Amanda Coimbra, and Max Davidowitz.

  • Paper Stream Blog Project Underway

    Nicole Adsit, Max Davidowitz, Amanda McCakey and I have begun a new art blog project known as Paper Stream.
    The four of us met while studying at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. We have stayed friends and are now artistic collaborators via the internet.
    We post work every week, and the only theme of the work is that they are always paper-based. See what we have been up to at: paperstream.blogspot.com

  • 3-10-12, I'm sorry every News entry is just telling you to look at my blog

    but there's a few more things there, than there are here:

  • Curious?

    Visit marynasko.blogspot.com to see more pictures of my recent fiber work and process.

  • New Blog Post!!

    Go check it out at marynasko.blogspot.com

  • 9-6-11

    New blog post at marynasko.blogspot.com
    take a visit <3

  • Hello Internet!!

    A new website has been made, and the internet barely noticed.